Phoenix Institute

- the guardian angel of foster children

Our Mission:

The mission of the Phoenix Institute is to provide children and families with hope and opportunities by recognizing, encouraging and supporting their inherent divine excellence.

Our Agency:

The Phoenix Institute was licensed by the State of Indiana as a child placing agency in 1997. We are a not-for-profit agency. The Phoenix Institute has provided therapeutic foster care to hundreds of special needs youth. We are served by professionals with over 85 years of collective experience
working with special needs youth in a variety of settings.

Our Vision:

In 1996 Executive Director Sue A. Puff, ACSW LCSW, had a vision that derived from over 25 years of professional work in the
Child Welfare field. She felt there was a need in our community for a therapeutic foster care agency that would hold itself to the highest standards of care and commitment to youth and family. Sue’s vision was to provide quality care for the children served by the Phoenix Institute, as well as to
provide quality support services for the licensed foster parents working for the Phoenix Institute.

Finally in 1997 the vision actualized, Phoenix Institute was created and the mission began. The quality of care offered was a top priority and remains a high priority year after year.
Sue serves as the Executive Director, Therapist and “guardian angel” to youth who have no voice and to foster parents who give so selflessly day after day.

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